Sitemap - 2014 - Contents and Containers

Moving from inclusion to transformation

Sufjan's right: Christians create public space and keep the common good

Some of the things I have learned in my journey so far

The challenges of giving birth to Jesus today

Jesus makes our reality

How John the Baptist leads us to find our true selves

Become an owner, not just a consumer

How would Jesus tell the truth?

For Ferguson, Jesus has a different path for those with and without power

Beyond transaction, relating to God intimately and reverently

Being a church beyond the consumer's choice

Emptying ourselves in a culture that just wants to fill us up

How a commitment to peace saved my faith

Learning to relate to God's power when it doesn't make sense

How Circle of Hope taught me that Facebook doesn't care about me

What John Legend and Beyonce teach us about loving God

What can we do with the violence in the Old Testament?

Beyond our careers, discerning our flame of faith

When it comes to sex, strings are always attached; let's bind ourselves to Jesus

How King David goes beyond Taylor Swift's shaking it off

It's about love, not about living in the right place, or having the right friends

A song that changes the world, and doesn't just get reviewed

The difference between Circle of Hope and the School District of Philadelphia

Deconstructing with David Bazan on Twitter

How we've thought about sin throughout the ages

Comfort isn't the point, being comforted is.

Amidst the War in Iraq and the Koch bros, it is a great time to follow Jesus

Hell is more Greek than Christian

The NFL is too violent and aliens would agree

The struggle to live rooted, real lives

We are not worms, we're children of God

We are all beggars, but Jesus just wants us to ask

Adrian Peterson can become whole, just like all of us

The creator not only created us, he created hope

Five reasons to care about development without displacement

It is only wrong if you get caught: Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and consumerism

Viewing the cross as a way to reach the next person

13 ways to go deep with God

How Jesus might respond to Ferguson

The group project of reading the Bible

Not only did he stay at the table, Jesus kept his followers there too

Christian rock in the mountains

You matter enough to move God's heart

Maybe you missed these posts over the summer

Even Robin Williams needed more than love

The inevitability of influence

Clinging to Jesus when the U.S. bombs Iraq

Connected without community, alone without solitude

Does going to church undo the Gospel?

Wes Anderson and the power of aesthetic

The Brethren in Christ's greatest strength is also their greatest shortcoming

Why I don't want to lead like Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Why we could all be a little more like "Weird Al"

Israel and Hamas are both wrong, but not all violence is equal

What do I do when my faith doesn't make sense?

The problem with essentializing the Brethren in Christ's Core Values

Why I liked Justin Lee's Torn

Should I vote?

Louie and reconciliation as entertainment

Six thoughts on the Brethren in Christ after our General Conference

What if I'm too depressed or anxious to be in a cell?

Frank Viola's Pagan Christianity and the obsession with perfection

Orange Is The New Black's myth of redemptive violence

How important is village parenting?

What I love about the United States

Worship as transcendence

Why make a speech?

Church planting lessons from planting a lawn

Fargo and why we like antiheroes

Am I racist if I don't like living in my neighborhood?

You'll need more than a superstar to win a championship

What worries American Christians and what should worry them

Why you should steer the conversation toward the Lord

Freedom from addiction and from the Law

Why I'm getting off social media this summer (maybe forever)

Pentecost and six heart languages that God uses to speak to us

I saw Jesus on TV twice last week

I'm not waiting for economic justice

The book of Mark may end suddenly, but we are the rest of the story.

Paying attention to more than the attention hogs

A third answer to the question of public and private

Making sure that fundamentalists don't monopolize the Gospel

The revolution won't be elected

Three classic songs I'll think twice about before using in worship

Jesus' words not making sense? Maybe we need listen better.

Eminem leads us to soften our hearts

Jesus needs to save us from the oligarchy

Jesus: the self-differentiated leader

Instead of losing faith in God, maybe we can just have a fight with Him

Getting criticized? Welcome to being a leader.

How God's Three Voices break the silence

What the Eagles and Phillies taught me about leading

My faith is more than a cultural artifact

Ten reasons to be part of a cell

Irony: I'm over being over it.

The best Lent ever

Three limitations to how we see the Resurrection

Why I'll use social media for Jesus, and why I won't.

Ron Woodroof changed in all the right ways

Are you looking for a false revolution this Easter, too?

I love Jesse and Céline, but here's where they could improve

I couldn't keep watching Cosmos

Is it a sin to fear? Well yes and no.

Wait... boomers are blaming millennials for their spiritual disillusionment?

Jesus gives us an alternative to an up or down vote

Even on TV, sometimes Christians are portrayed as humans

Philomena's forgiveness softens even the most cynical

The light is winning: on the conversion of Rust Cohle

I wish I didn't laugh with Obama on Between Two Ferns

The high cost of existentialism

Is banning the n-word racist?

Maybe we aren't so different than Macklemore, Drake, or Kanye West

Jesus' makes us complete, or perfect you could say

A spiritual director Matthew McConaughey is not

I've got nothing but love for Allen Iverson

Following Jesus for more than an instant

Binging on House of Cards makes us all Frank Underwoods

Resisting the Comcast empire and creating the alternative

Six rules from Jesus about living in community

Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting: on the legacies Woody Allen and John Howard Yoder

Jesus, sex, and exceptions to the rule

Drafting Michael Sam doesn't solve the problem of prejudice

Why I admire Jay Leno

Jesus, the shepherd King, wouldn't fit on Downton Abbey

My heart broke watching Blue Jasmine

Jesus is ready to free addicts, but it's not so simple

Community makes how we relate to Jesus more than personal

What Obama did and what I think Jesus would've

I hope "Her" is not a prophecy

How do we discover God?

The exploitation of Richard Sherman

The "Other" Box

What Beyoncé taught me about freedom

I can fight in a war on poverty

In a ratings-obsessed culture, another way

Jesus wants more than just ten percent of us

The most read posts of 2013