Sitemap - 2021 - Contents and Containers

Top Ten Most Read Posts In 2021

If no one is unhappy, you aren’t leading

Mary births a revolution into the world

Moving the mountain of white supremacy

Want to have a postracial society? Start with whiteness.

Jesus changes how everything is ordered, especially the family

Taylor Swift finds joy through her suffering

If you don’t swim against the tide of racism, it will sweep you up

Don’t make Driscoll or Trump the scapegoats for Evangelicalism

Whiteness polarizes us, not politics

How I lost my respect for Dave Chappelle

Relationships are fundamental to faith, oppression ruins them

Social media is good, actually.

Sex is mysterious and the containers we give it help us understand it

Don’t wait until it’s too late to confront racism

How losing your faith may help you keep it

Christians need to name that this economy isn’t working for workers

How deconstruction saved my faith

How individualism blinds us from our complicity in collective sin

The failure in Afghanistan is how the next generation can become peacemakers

The only way to be antiracist is to believe victims of racism

Antiracism is about people of color being seen, known, and loved

Why we need more than personal relationships to make change

Why every Christian should get vaccinated (if they can)

Why it’s a good thing for the church that people are leaving white Evangelicalism

How Frederick Douglass made me a patriot this Fourth of July

If you don't want to be "of the world," be an antiracist

You can’t love one another without being antiracist

Discerning the contents and containers of our faith

We moved to!

Yes, the Bible has errors, and that’s a good thing

How Cornelius shows us the path toward LGBTQIA inclusion

A Gospel that cannot be preached by women is no Gospel at all

What does the New Testament's radical inclusion mean for us today?

Children are our future, it’s time to care about them that way

We aren’t going back, we’re going forward

Derek Chauvin’s verdict was a glimpse of hope, receive it

Why did millennials stop attending church and what can do we about it?

Why Dialogue and Not Doctrine?

How our suffering during the pandemic can grow our faith

Really? Another Holy Week isolated? I need resurrection.

Condemning the racist and sexist killings in Georgia is the easy part

Crossing racial and ethnic bounds is essential for Christianity

Becoming the Beloved of God as a child of immigrants

Peacemaking is about prophecy, not policy

God is always involved in creation; everything before us is a miracle

If you got a very old post from me in your inbox, here's why

“Cancel Culture” is too easy of an explanation for how complex our time is

Bruce Springsteen’s call to unity is a call to repentance

Prophets are filled with hope not cynicism

Maybe our outrage doesn’t have to lead us in 2021

Don’t let the Christian Nationalists steal your faith

It’s a good thing that democracy isn’t what saves us

Soul captures our yearning for meaning, but burdens us with inventing it on our own