Sitemap - 2018 - Contents and Containers

Yes, there is Trump, but this year people also wanted to read about love, identity, and how to be a Christian

In all her humanity, Mary is a harbinger of revolution

Doubting fundamentalism doesn't mean doubting your faith

Effective missionaries adapt the Gospel, they don’t impose it

A friend asked me: is the New Testament antisemitic?

Changing the subject at the Thanksgiving table

The church needs to be real, not manufactured

There’s a big difference being rebellious and joining a rebellion

Christian need to speak the truth, even when truth appears partisan

Jesus reigns supreme as Lord, and that's Good News for everyone

Like newspapers, Jesus is best known when He is tangible

Being right doesn’t matter if no one believes you

Christians need to be born again.

My relationship with ambition and how God is redeeming it.

We need both prophets and evangelists in our body

Talking about sex may be the best way to unlock its mystery

How I became in touch with my sadness, without giving in to my anger

Letting my tears melt away my shame

Don’t let your cynicism eclipse your idealism

Three of my Necessary Losses and how I grew through them

How do we read the Bible? Together.

We can’t sanitize the church by calling Trump Christians "fake"

Don’t let the flood of bad news drown the Good News

Being of one mind isn’t easy in our polarizing time

Suffering loss is an occupational hazard for a Christian

How will the fall of the American Empire affect the church?

Why I'm not afraid of social media

God loves you because of how God sees you

Why I’m proud to be in a “seeker-sensitive” church and why you should be too

Christians must not lose their prophetic voice in the age of Trump

Should Christians make the world a better place?

The privatization of sex is not an answer to assault; try having sex in community instead

What's the point of sharing your faith in a postmodern world?

Think you can do it alone? I hope you like losing.

The mission of the church is not about butts in seats

How to create a culture without being a colonizer

Trump's leadership is a plague on us all; don't catch it, turn to Jesus.

It’s hard to be a Christian alone, your content needs a container

In defense of the wrath of God in the Old Testament

The institutions are failing us, let's tear them down, and build something new

When you read the Bible, don’t let your brain protect you from your heart

Making pita bread and being a Christian have a lot in common

What Seinfeld taught me about American men's gun, anger, and violence problem

Five ways to enter the season of suffering, Lent.

Corporations won't save you, but they know that compassion sells

Even a polished Trump is anti-Christian

Why I can't call myself an Evangelical anymore

Trump is a loud racist, don’t let him deafen you to your own racism

No need to run away or to dig in; you are free to doubt your doubt

Transformation is what the Bible does; don't use it to oppress people.