Sitemap - 2013 - Contents and Containers

Christmas lights in the image of God

Seeing Jesus in Christmas, no culture war required

On Megyn Kelly and making Jesus who we want Him to be

Why bearing God is hard, but worth it

Amazon is the U.S.’s messiah and I hate it.

Un-canonizing Nelson Mandela

Jeremiah's depression is real

Elijah wants to be more than special

Relating to Jonah's reluctance

In defense of frat boys

David Bazan, losing faith, and the nones

Opportunities that Billy Graham missed and the ones Franklin made sure he didn't

Why Bitstrips won't save you

For when your life doesn't feel like a love song

The third way on the N-word

RZA of Wu-Tang channels his inner Paul

Beyonce, feel your pain and let Jesus fill you up

Even Incognito is a victim of the system of violence

Teresa and three "shares" that fight income inequality

Wading through a swamp, even for a great cause, is still tiring

Sometimes writing an angry breakup song isn't best

The NFL and its Manifest Destiny: on the Redskins and its racist name

Taylor Swift, attachment, and Jesus as the perfect parent

What Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel taught me about reconciliation

Contemplation: three doorways and three difficulties

Extortion in the name of Jesus? Lord, have mercy.

Kurt Cobain, Miley Cyrus, substitutes and real ecstasy

Lessons learned from Breaking Bad

Started from the bottom, and still there

Dexter, defunding, and disillusionment

Bored while praying? The monks were too.

My prayers move God, and He moves me

I don't intercede because it works like the Apple Store

Confronting your own thoughts in prayer

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Enneagram

Three reasons why you might be "over" being the church

Three reasons why you might not want to be the church

A foot massage is never just a foot massage

Filling the void: on Luther and a new Reformation, part 2 of 2

Filling the void: on Luther and a new Reformation, part 1 of 2

Is technology just a tool? Or are we the tools?

Can I ever move?

What if I don't know how I feel about Jesus and the Bible? Part two

What if I don't know how I feel about Jesus and the Bible? Part one

Harry Potter, the National, and Jesus want to keep the movement going

Jesus brings us life, even if death is first (part three of three)

Doubt and fear are part of faith (part two of three)

Waiting for God, not our own rationality (part one of three)

Why selling out is still wrong--part two

Why selling out is still wrong--part one

Jesus the healer, part two, Action and Intimacy

Jesus the Healer, part one, Faith

Cultural sensitivity and why missionaries should be experts at it

Tracking, differentiation, and how being noticed can save you

Contrary to some belief, Paul is a progressive

Contextualizing the Gospel in society and still being a revolutionary

The reinvention of slavery and why our faith shouldn't be bifurcated

Jesus' wine isn't hidden in a vegetable crisper

Being a Christian among the sin of wealth inequality

Magic, Bird, Francis and saving the tilting church

Changing before it's too late -OR- Does anyone still watch the Simpsons?

Mary of Egypt was more than a deconstructionist

I saw God on the Conshohocken curve

Even George, Jerry, and Kramer need Jesus

The loneliness of following Jesus

Where is your god now?

The freeing power of empathy

Loving food enough to give it up

An American Commandment: "Thou shalt not be bored."

Is Lent obsolete?

Time for an #instavention.

Life in community: not in the playbook

The difficulties of being sent or why it's hard to not just throw a tantrum

On MLK Day, an everyday post

Who am I? Responding to Jesus and finding our identity in Him.

The relatable, full, and abundant Jesus