Sitemap - 2023 - Contents and Containers

The top ten most-read posts of 2023

John Fetterman’s challenge to voting for the lesser of two evils

The words I won’t say

How should a Christian feel after a war criminal dies?

In defense of Joe Biden on Israel-Palestine

The gap between pastors and academics

Hasan Minhaj and the white desire to invalidate racism

The answer to Christian Nationalism isn’t becoming apolitical—it’s forging better politics.

Why we shouldn’t use the Bible to justify war

“Before I go on, let me say, I condemn the actions of Hamas.”

Don’t let your oppressor turn you into them

When it comes to Israel-Palestine, you can do two things at once

Racism divides workers. To unite them, we need to confront it.

Ten ways to make pastoring sustainable

Your pastor is not a CEO and your church isn’t a business

On 9/11, united we stood, unless we were Arabs

If Jesus is Lord, we need to defund the police.

A church for “nones” doesn’t offer the hope of overcoming our material oppression

Dialogue alone cannot overcome our polarization

Confused about the Old Testament? Read it as a victim of oppression might.

White Evangelicals are why Trump’s support remains high

Barbie shows us that political change happens through organizing, not personal relationships

Why you shouldn’t support Bruxy Cavey’s new ministry

The use of cluster munitions shows that U.S. intervention in Ukraine is about power, not morality

My column in the Philly Voice about 303 Creative

Why I didn’t argue with a Moms for Liberty counter-protester

Normalization is the death of queerness and every revolution.

None of us are free until we are free

The difference between Robertson and Keller is aesthetic

LGBTQIA pride is about rejecting shame and embracing who God made us to be

How a pacifist can celebrate Memorial Day

Why naming Tim Keller’s sexism and transphobia isn’t dancing on his grave

Taylor Swift helps us look back our eras, holding our love and pain together

The impulse to “both sides” matters of oppression is a byproduct of whiteness

David Bazan shows us how to move from lost faith into something new

Highlighting Jesus’ words in red doesn’t “fix” the Bible

Russell Moore is wrong: Christian liberation and nationalism are not two sides of the same coin

I’m on Substack’s Notes!

The books I didn’t keep

So long Circle of Hope, and thanks for all the songs

Jesus' disciples are the oppressed and the oppressed are his Jesus' disciples

The War in Iraq and how it led to resilience in my faith

'Everything Everywhere All At Once,' and the multiverse of being a child of immigrants

Transgenderism is not an ideology, and eradicating it is genocide

Trans rights are not a theological topic of discussion, they are a matter of life and death

Is the Asbury revival a white-washed tomb?

Jesus gets you – he doesn’t bait-and-switch you

Christian exceptionalism cannot save Christianity

Memphis shows us the winding path toward liberation

On the dignity of LBGTQIA people, there is no third way

The dangers of a charismatic pastor

Why church growth lends itself toward exceptionalism

Antiracism is about whiteness