Sitemap - 2022 - Contents and Containers

The ten most-read posts of 2022

Making Christmas political again

Why I no longer want to convince you to be antiracist

Just because you tolerate your own oppression, doesn’t mean we should

Advent promises hope; so where is it?

It’s OK not to get along with your homophobic relatives at Thanksgiving

Leading with nerve benefited Democrats and it could benefit you, too

Taylor Swift and the never-ending tape that runs in our heads

Enemy love doesn't mean dining with white supremacists

Antiracism isn’t power-grabbing, white supremacy is

Jesus is political, but he is not a Christian nationalist

How I was tokenized as an obstacle to antiracism

Listen to the BIPOC that leave your church if you don’t want more of us to

Oppressed or oppressor, oppression makes us all less human

No King but Christ includes the Queen, Tom Wright

No, your church attendance isn’t declining because of antiracism

If American democracy is in peril, should Christians care?

Forgiveness of debt is fundamentally Christian

When shame is useful

A burr in the side of Evangelicals, Ron Sider taught me to be the same

The burden of Jesus is light, but oppression weighs it down

Christians need to see climate change as a moral issue

Christian exceptionalism is not good evangelism

When elected officials tell us to vote for them instead of leading, we need new ones

Remember God’s faithfulness in moments of faithlessness

The power of pride

Why I'm taking Bruxy Cavey’s books off of my shelf

Thoughts and prayers without action are useless

Abusive churches have abusive theology

White supremacists deserve scorn

The overturning Roe v. Wade is a disaster for everyone – Christians should not be celebrating it

Opening myself to the creation opened my eyes to so much more

Why not taking a side is actually taking one

Why Christians should mask again

The apparent politics of Holy Week

All evidence suggests the resurrection didn’t happen. Here's why I believe anyway.

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was wrong, but that’s not the end of the story

“God thinks you’re gorgeous.” Why God delights in your delight.

Turning Red teaches not to hide our less presentable parts

The antidote to white fragility? Humility.

How do you enter Lent after we’ve endured so much suffering?

The problem with using your privilege

The Super Bowl halftime show helped us Lose Ourselves, without losing our conviction

Should churches be purple?

Online church is good, actually

Want to unite the church? Lift up the marginalized, says Paul.

Don’t Look Up demonstrates the importance of faith amidst absurd politics

Encanto shows us that our elders need to make way instead of getting in the way

Forgiveness must cost you something