Sitemap - 2020 - Contents and Containers

What a year! Posts on the election, the pandemic, police brutality were the most read; but also sex, worship, and Kobe.

If the Good News really is good then we need to share it

Mary's oppression grew her faith

John the Baptist’s Lamentation Leads to Repentance

The prophets lead us to lament

Declaring Jesus is King is radical

Practicality and imagination don’t have to be in opposition with one another

If we can’t talk in 2020, we are bound to repeat our mistakes

Even if Joe Biden wins, Jesus will still need to be our Lord

The Love of Christ constrained me to vote

Ending poverty is a Christian issue because we need God’s help to do it

We need the New Creation now!

How do we pray for our enemies?

Ten lessons after ten years of pastoring

White Evangelicals are leading me to lamentation

The meaning of sex precedes its existence

Critical Theory is closer to Jesus’ vision for the world than the Evangelicals are telling you

Why I keep talking about racism

Four rocks that impede the growth of faith in American soil

Tilling the soil of our hearts and world for faith

A time to break down, and a time to build up: what time are we in today?

Why I’m done saying “OK Boomer”

The Disciplines of Empathy and Hope in the Fight Against Racism

How can we be soft on sin, when the sin is racism?

Accountability isn’t intolerance, but tolerance alone will not save us

Hamilton gave me permission to rewrite my own story

The only way we’ll get out of this mess is together

How to speak all things to all people in 2020

Overcoming racism requires us to see in color

Christians need to prophetically imagine

Focusing on the riots is avoiding the real problem: police brutality

The essential parts of our faith are the adaptable ones

Jesus is the self-emptying Lord

Ignoring how hard this is doesn’t make it any easier

The hypocrisy of Democrats on Biden shows us that electoral politics is about power

The only way truth will survive is through love

Why would God cause all this suffering?

Will we learn to hug again?

The loneliest Holy Week I’ve ever experienced

I took communion on the Internet and it changed my life

The pursuit of liberty too often contradicts the pursuit of life in the United States

Christianity was designed for the end of the world, and yes, for covid-19

Trying not to throw the theological baby out with the bath water

The difference between eroticism and ecstasy

Also remember this in 2020, you can’t keep your hands clean

Remember this in 2020, you don’t have to vote

Why your faith should disturb you more than it calms you

You’re not a worm, nor a spider, but the beloved of God

Remembering all of Kobe is the best way to grieve his loss

Why the biggest problem of 2020 is our inability to dialogue

How Anabaptists still end up baptizing infants

Christian nonviolence and peacemaking is key to restoring our witness