Sitemap - 2019 - Contents and Containers

In 2019, it was all about sex, racism, liberation, holding on to your faith, and Kanye and Taylor and Trump.

Three ways to hold your faith in an era of Trump

Don’t let the dominators imagine God for you

Advent isn’t just about waiting for Jesus to be born, but also waiting for Jesus to return

Liberty, autonomy, and consent: three loveless American virtues

Politeness is just Christian indifference

We need more than principles to relate to each other

What should I do when everything I hear about Christians is bad?

While we were still problematic, Christ was cancelled for us

On Jesus Is King, Kanye is still king

Maybe John MacArthur should go home

Loving God breeds intimacy, not thinking

Cells aren’t a container for content, they are the content

Forgiveness is costly, and it must be coupled with justice

Old trees are the wisest.

Haters gonna hate; let your light shine anyway

Apostles bring the Gospel to the present with great flexibility

How I learned to follow God by following the grass

The problem with the American individual

God is shaped by you too

Desperate people find faith, Taylor Swift did

Don’t hold so tightly to your faith that you lose it

How the American empire worms its way into your mind

The difference between reparations and retribution

Jesus gives you freedom, not America

How to raise kids in a city

The space between sheepishness and arrogance is a thin one

“They went from us, but didn’t really belong to us.” Talking back to Evangelical Christians.

How do Christians work? Is that even a thing anymore?

The institutions might help you, but they can’t replace you

Jesus Isn’t White: Undoing the myth of a European savior, again

You are God’s dwelling place

What would I do if Trump visited my church?

If you are asking whether the Bible is fake news, you are asking the wrong questions.

A Christianity that does not liberate is not Christianity at all

Where you are centered is more important than where you are bound

In our day of trouble, people need hope in Something or Someone Greater

Not about butts in seats, evangelism is recruitment for the rebellion

Sin is life diminishment. Give life instead.

The black hole helped me see Jesus

You don’t need an education to be a pastor

Do you care about nature? Maybe you were created to.

Why are less people getting a divorce?

My faith is necessarily shaped by community

How do I love my enemy when my enemy is a white nationalist?

Be like Jesus, share the good news in person

Evangelism is not a bad word; it’s the best expression of our faith

I went into seminary an Anabaptist, and came out a better one

Do half of millennials really say it’s wrong to evangelize? Not the ones I know.

Only God is worthy of the loyalty for which the United States asks

Autonomy and individuality mar the communality and spirituality of sex

Read this before you call someone out

After the Gillette ad and the Lincoln Memorial incident, I’m still leaning on the church

What do you do when two people disagree?

Jesus is breaking down barriers: His church needs open borders.

Six hopes for 2019: prayer, peace, forgiveness, evangelism, truth, and talking back.