Sitemap - 2017 - Contents and Containers

The most read posts of 2017

Why I still want to move with what the Spirit is doing next

The sin of individualism and the virtue of personal responsibility

Don't even bother not waiting: Christmas can't be Amazon Primed.

God is not genderless, but gender-full

Dictators are lazy. Good leaders listen, empower, and change.

Receive the claim Jesus has made on you before something else does

Our faith is useless if it's not applied; our church is pointless if it doesn't make the world better

Even the most noble job won’t save you

When the Bible doesn't make sense, don't run away, run alongside

Why follow Jesus? The Gospel needs meaning to be applied.

#TrustTheProcess: don't let the world trick you into thinking waiting isn't worth it.

America is addicted to violence and Jesus is my antidote

Hurricanes, Trump, and iPhones: Following Jesus in a world that changes faster than we can track

The freedom of Jesus and the prison of ideological purity

Ten years after the iPhone, I'm talking back to Tim Cook

By ending DACA, Trump gives Christians another chance to restore their moral witness

Kesha is teaching me how to forgive and let go

How to help an antifascist follow Jesus

When it comes to white supremacy, there is only one side for Christians: Jesus’

Opposing war in North Korea is crucial for the Gospel

Bringing the Gospel into the present with great flexibility amidst great resistance

Orange is the New Black taught me about working together, despite differences

How double shifts at Hersheypark taught me to be joyful

Why I need open hands and open sails

Devotion is radical in the age of Netflix

Why I will introduce my children to Harry Potter

Hasan Minhaj, the power of being understood, and the insufficiency of intersectionality

We need more than a distraction

Whitewashed tombs in Master of None

Jesus quieting me down in my thirties

What I learned from Leadership Philly and why you should #MoveToPhilly

The opportunity cost of virtue signaling

The tension of liberation and reconciliation

Did Christians leave the common good to the state and the market?

Listening to sympathize with God's concerns

Finding comfort in the unknowing

Relying on Jesus when you have no other options

Saying no to your employer and other ways to rest in Jesus

No, women leading is not a “secondary issue.” Why the whole matters.

Hope after death, and the freedom to walk through it

Why I need covenant to be in community

Cosmo Kramer on Lent

Fasting to discover your weaknesses

The cosmic cost of the travel ban

Maybe hugging each other will get us closer to God

The God of Meaning includes Gaga, too

A cup of tea with the prophets

Why I wouldn't punch a Nazi

Why I can't be a Christian alone

The final sermon from Pastor Obama

How I stayed a Christian in my twenties