Sitemap - 2015 - Contents and Containers

For Tamir our hope isn't in the law, but it can help

Star Wars made a comeback, so can your faith

Donald Trump won't save you; only Jesus.

Empathizing with modern-day Sadducees

Becoming a tiny tot: what we can learn from John the Baptist's humility

Why we need to see Jesus even in the advertisements

Getting tiny with Starbucks haters

On the dilemma of self-reference (or #WhyILoveCircleOfHope)

I can't keep you safe from Jesus, the author of safety

Why praying for Paris matters

Moses wasn't sure he could lead either

What I learned at Neumann College about doing the right thing

What I love about Circle of Hope: Rachel Sensenig

Why Richard Dawkins is wrong

How Circle of Hope makes leading a little bit easier

Jesus is more than interested in you

You are a traveling tabernacle and why that matters

The difference between being the church, and merely going to one

You are an essential part of the Body of Christ

Why your experience with Jesus matters

Are you lost or wandering?

Is faith merely a cultural fixture?

Following Jesus for life

Why I am relating to instead of hating on Volkswagen

We are remade like Christ together

You matter and I'm not just saying that

Acting like a neighbor

Finding the safe place in the expert culture

Seeing yourself as the father

You are more than your mind

Following Jesus if I'm anxous

Why should I be a part of your church?

Are you too busy to follow Jesus?

After the horror in Virginia, the law still won't save us

Toxic it may be, but there's more to Amazon than that

Three of the most impractical things about following Jesus

Who stole the "mishpat" from God?

In speaking to many Christians, Greg Boyd misses a few

What do I do with my job?

In an Instagram battle, Vetri and Elixr are both missing something

Learning to move with the wind, not strain against it

What does the death of lunch mean?

How should a Christian participate in a family?

Why the facts of the matter aren't all that does matter

What am I supposed to take literally in the Bible?

What am I supposed to do with my privilege?

Reddit’s leadership failures and what we can learn from them

Inside Out has so much, but I wanted more

The good side of opportunism

There's no justice without Jesus

Paul in Athens teaches us how to bring the Gospel into the present

Jurassic World shows us that even saying nothing is saying something

Discipleship leads to transcending our classifications

Is Facebook dead?

Changing with Peter without just being grossed out

The cell as a family system

Underwood knows there's more to the story than the facts

Resisting evil like Stephen

Acts may seem incomplete, but we are the rest of the story

When it's never your fault, you're a blind leader

Why we celebrate Pentecost

Even happy endings aren't happy on Mad Men

Capitalism informs how we share, but it isn't the only option

As droves leave the church, I see an opportunity, not tragedy

When you are your own person, intimacy increases

Justice without salvation isn't justice at all

Take it from Jesus: your seeds are good enough

What George Lucas does when he's resisted

Jesus is the persistent inviter

Wearing a T-shirt and my true self

Ten reasons why you should make a commitment

Letting our actions speak for us

The endlessness of forgiveness in Christ

I am not the Taco Bell of McDonald's and Burger King.

The Resurrection undoes the American mythos

The poor you will always have with you, but maybe not in Philly

It's hard to see Lent as a revolution

Dialogue is my drug policy

Loving the world enough to save it; hating it enough to change it.

What's with all the blood?

The transformation of inclusion

What I'm learning from the serial dramas

Nietzsche misses the point: Jesus changes our desire

Oldermost leads us to consider our addiction to TV

The common good is better when we carry it together

Being the church is a team sport

Finding faith in the desert

When pluralism is patronizing

Jesus gives us more than fake plastic love

The impracticality of peace and why I love it

Sorting through our anger with the Psalmists

All things to all football fans

The impracticality of following Jesus and how Peter overcomes it

Jesus gets ignored when the U.S. is your savior

Dancing with Matthew into our second act

On manufacturing everything, including meaning

Esther gains courage, despite her past

A few ways to look at the sea

I love the Eagles, but I don't want to lead like them

Moving into our second act with Gideon

The most read posts of 2014